The Homebreaker

The pigment in the crimson on her lips scattered everywhere by morning. A little on his collar, a little behind his ears and a lot of it in the enamel of his teeth. Her bed looked like a disordered living room after an overnight party. Amidst the chaos, she felt immense compassion for him, as […]

Who will play with the dolls?

“Mangoes? Check. Saffron threads? Check. Turmeric balls? Check. Kohl? Check. Sandalwood bars?…where are the sandalwood bars? Listen…..!” “I’m here, in the backyard.” Mahalakshmi could not contain her excitement. Her younger son’s wife was pregnant. For two generations there have been no daughters in the Kondavalli household. Her elder son has two sons. Her husband Kondavalli […]

Body Found In Public

She woke up with a heaviness in her head. An acute pain surged down her spine. She could hardly fathom what caused the sudden weakness. She could hear whispers and soft chatter. A person in a blue apron reached out to her to help her to sit up. There were three people present in the […]

I said, “I want to leave”.

I told my mother that I wanted to leave. I said, “I want to leave every thing and disappear to a far away land. My patience is fading. I’m very fed up with everything .” My mother, slowly got up and strode out of my room, while muttering something under her breath. She thought my […]

A Day In The Life Of An Indian HouseWife | Day-2 | Flash Fiction Series

The wrappers littered on the study table disappeared like someone swayed a magical wand. The absolute disarray at the footwear stand was ordered by sizes, as though there was a spell casted from the sky when we went to sleep. There are wide opened mouths exclaiming and eyes beaming with surprise every evening. Should I […]

A Day In The Life Of An Indian HouseWife | Day-1 | Flash Fiction Series

This has never happened in 30 years. I got my clothes pressed by different dobis each time we relocated to a new place. Nobody has been this careless and spinlessly irresponsible. This man has misplaced my new handloom saree I bought at Dharam. I thought it was going to help me put up with the […]

Flash Fiction in 15 minutes

Recently I participated in an online workshop conducted my ‘WriMo India’. It was instructed by Rochelle Potkar, a well known creative writing expert. The writing exercises conducted were: to write pieces of flash fiction in the span of 15 minutes. I wrote the following pieces in 15 minutes each. It was very spontaneous. Both are […]