The Homebreaker

The pigment in the crimson on her lips scattered everywhere by morning. A little on his collar, a little behind his ears and a lot of it in the enamel of his teeth. Her bed looked like a disordered living room after an overnight party. Amidst the chaos, she felt immense compassion for him, as […]

And you ask me to prove that I’m with you?

Take me to a river side, In still waters, Compare my reflection, With yours, I’m travelling with you, In the ripples and waves. And you ask me to prove, That I’m with you? Take me to a public library. Pick up a book, Read out to me dialogues, Between your favourite characters, Don’t they resemble […]

A Date Line

It is Sunday night For half of the world Across a date line It’s Monday over here Sometimes We miss each other By just a second That distinguishes Between today And Yesterday Whatever it is I’m always A day ahead of you And first to reach out