Manifestations of Her | Day-30 | Women’s Day Month Series

I think we take too much liberty when it comes to judging actresses. The lights, fame and showbiz overshadow their genuineness that we tend to forget they too are as normal as any girl next door. People feel entitled to fantasize women in films, assume they are open to overtures and slut shame them for […]

Behind her cracked heels | Day-29 | Women’s Day Month Series

These are the most unacknowledge and unappreciated women. They are labourers working in the unorganised sector for unequal, unfair wages in most deplorable and unfavourable working conditions. They have no voice, no rights and not even access to proper sanitation during the work hours. They are not provided with paid maternity leaves either. This is […]

What else do you think is upliftment? | Day-28 | Women’s Day Month Series

The advertising industry is always making an attempt to make us feel inferior about our body types. It generates insecurity in naive girls. It has got the meaning of women’s empowerment totally wrong. If all the women in the world decide to love their bodies, the whole personal care industry will have to shut down. […]

Acids Inside Her | Day 26 | Women’s Day Month Series

I don’t understand these unequal rituals inside Indian marriage. Right from wearing the sondoor and mangalsootra to fasting on Karva Chaut, there is a manifestation of patriarchy which always reminds that husband and wife can never be equal. Why should a woman announce her marital status to everyone like she is someone’s possession? Posted from […]

Visit a dungeon cell | Day-25 | Women’s Day Month Series

Thousands of sex workers who were forced into flesh trade due to various reasons, are in dire need of an alternative livelihood option. They need acceptance in the society free from all stigmas so that they become employable. They need access to health facilities, many of them suffer from AIDS and STDs. They are looking […]

A heap of mud | Day-24 | Women’s Day Month Series

According to the 2011 census, 16.68% is dalit women population out of 58.7 crore women population in India. Dalit women are subjected to a threefold dicrimination- Gender, Caste and Class, which means they placed the lowest in the social hierarchy. Most dalit women are married off as child brides, over burdened with too many number […]

Nostalgia In A Strange Place | Day-23 | Women’s Day Month Series

Women traveling alone is still an act of anomaly. Yet, there are women who are breaking barries and touring solo. Things are different for women and this goes to all the free spirited modern ladies with an impulse to travel 😘💙💕 Posted from WordPress for Android

Goddesses With Weapons | Day-22 | Women’s Day Month Series

A friend once pointed out that relationship inside a marriage is always hierarchal and never equal. Every woman in her lifetime would have suffered humiliation in the hands of her husband a number of times. Women are always expected to ‘adjust’ and think it is as their ‘duty’ to keep providing and serving husband and […]

Palette of Colours | Day-21 | Women’s Day Month Series

“A town decoloured itself, To accommodate her. She assembled with her sisters, To intonate with sadness, Lending a hand everyday, To carry enforced burden, Of endless mourning. Death grudgingly greets her, In mundanity, yet keeps her at bay. The gods chained her to themselves, To feel godly enough, To have someone observe their godliness. The […]