Winds In The Month Of July

My timid spine against a; not-so-warm bed, under an insufficient cover of a blanket. Afternoons soaked in the wrath of skies, The discontinuous silence coming; With intervals of rumbling motors, Rocking and dragging heavy wheels; In and out of puddles, Filthily splattering mud and silt over the sidewalks. All of it rhythmically repeats in row, […]

Body Found In Public

She woke up with a heaviness in her head. An acute pain surged down her spine. She could hardly fathom what caused the sudden weakness. She could hear whispers and soft chatter. A person in a blue apron reached out to her to help her to sit up. There were three people present in the […]

Why ‘people’ are so disappointing

Now that we are living in compartments, in our own constructed areas of influence, it is no more our concern to peep into other’s windows, knock at other’s doors, make eye contacts at the elevator, because we might have to return a smile forcefully. We have so much to gaurd, keep secrets and we are […]