Arrival. . The journey left me jaded. . I went to pick up things to use them as copiously as salt and pepper. . I came back with a baggage that feels like dead weight tied my ankle. . My unwillingness to own my belongings could eclipse my sanity any moment from now. . But, […]

Passing Through Doors

Listen keenly to the music. Your heartbeats in rhythm with your footsteps. Your actions in alignment with your desires. Stretch out your arms and reach for the handle. Pull open the door to laid, lit-up pathways, Decorated with purple flowers on the sidewalks, An occassion observed exclusively to celebrate your arrival, your travel and destiny. […]

Haze Over

Sitting behind a futile; Human attempt; To veil the light, I wonder; In the envelop of its absence, Enabled by the haze over with; Thin films of fabrics. I laugh; At the denial, At the blatant rejection, Of the unconcealable. My sympathies lie with, The pretentious ignorance, The deliberate conjury of fears, And its cover […]


Constructions of our homes; are manisfestations; of our complex minds. (Tight, shut) Like doors to window frames. (Encumbered, constrained) Like the grillwork on balconies. (Sombre) Like uni-coloured paint. (Thoughts in boxes) Like the rectangular shaped rooms. Constructions of our homes; are manifestations; of our lacklustre lives.

A Piece Of Me Lives In The Moon

I have answers to all kind of questions. But my reasons may contradict other’s reality. For example, who lives on the moon? A rabbit or a man? Remember the Chinese folklore story about the Jade Rabbit on the moon? The rabbit which offered itself to a hungry monk by jumping into fire? The monk turned […]