A Mouthful Of Fire

We come with, A mouthful of fire to spit, On much of ‘this wordly’ things. Those which deserve to be; Turned into ashes. And lashed with soft tongues, Pedestals, highly raised buildings, Black suits, blue ties Red carpets, white papers, Handcuffs, notices, bulletin boards. That was a bloody battle, A necessary evil, A hole in […]

The Universe

The universe has always been kind. It is never conspiring against anybody’s awaited possibilities. The entire idea of a mysetrious phenomenon happening in the background is one of our non-existential perceptions. We are so wired to a belief methodology being taught since birth. We get introduced to it by some way or the other. Fate, […]

Dead Weight

“If it weren’t for friction, The skin covering my soles would feel as smooth as milk cream. If it weren’t for gravity, I’d be floating high effortlessly, unlike the birds with thin weak wings, loosing feathers on the way back and forth. I’d be forward in all actions, ahead of all times in thoughts, I’d […]