Shy Artist

You had an inextinguishable magic; In your fingers. There was a skill in your strokes, In your lines. There was an aptness in your depictions, A disposition to suit all my moods. I was on cloud nine when you volunteered, To sketch life into my poems. Where have you lost yourself? Let’s go pick up […]

Spheres Of Cold Wars

War of nerves, Is more maleficent than; War of deadly weapons, Made of metal and wings. Dark propaganda, Evil espionage, Snitching in your absence; Have far, lasting impact; Than the venomous gasses, Fizzled out of shells. Millitary strategies, Are nothing harmful; Compared to spiteful intentions, Covered under covert courtesy, Smiling ear to ear, Lending warm […]

Calling Poets and Writers on Twitter

Hello All, If you are on twitter and if you are interested in writing micropoetry/flash fiction/short stories, here is an account you should follow for regular inspiration. I am happy to announce the launch of my new account on twitter by handle @KarsPoetry where I would suggest prompts to inspire you. Be there! Let’s verse […]