An Early Bride

1940, Nizamabad, State of Hyderabad “For two cup of rice, how much water will you add?” “Four cups” “How much milk does it take for two cups of chai?” “One cup” “Very good. Don’t forget the basics. I don’t want any complaints from your mother-in-law!” Asha nodded her head like an obedient student, with her […]

Dear Aleppo

  Dear Aleppo, I woke up to you like an annoyed neighbor in the middle of the night, irritated by the escalating ruckus outside my window. I cursed you for your conduct. Dear Aleppo, I came to know of you like a dirty rumor traveling by word of mouth. I heard nasty things about how […]

Class $ Firm

A firm clasp of fingers, Intertwining pain, pressure, faith from their pasts, Challenging class divisions, they marry!   Written for Ronovon Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge prompt: Class and Firm