I Need Space

After you wheedled me to come long, I enjoyed the gentle ribbing now and then. I was attracted by the appearing and disappearing lines of horizons. The unison of natural elements looked surreal. Afar, the gloriole and romance of celestial bodies gave me hope. I looked into your eyes and meant to say, “The same […]

I wish I could

i wish i could hold this moment in the clench of my wrist, like i hold a portrait in my hands.                         -that which draws me in                          with a hypnotizing charm,                           taking me away from                              myself. that which                           enamours my senses,                           tricking me into                           believing the old magic                           […]

Got Published on TELEGRAM-The E-Magazine

My poem ‘A Home I Left‘ got published in the E-magazine Telegram, published by Talking Books, Delhi, India. Go to Magzter to purchase the copy (only Rs.30/-). The theme for September is ‘CityScape’. My poem revolves around my experience with growing up in India.

A love letter to the neighbour

Is your anger your own rage, Or have you inherited it like me? Are you angry because you are genuinely angry, or simply because it is a popular action? Whatever be the reason, Lashing tongues at each other, Shutting doors on each other, Isn’t going to douse the flames. The fire has spread too far, […]