Got Published on TELEGRAM-The E-Magazine

My poem ‘A Home I Left‘ got published in the E-magazine Telegram, published by Talking Books, Delhi, India. Go to Magzter to purchase the copy (only Rs.30/-). The theme for September is ‘CityScape’. My poem revolves around my experience with growing up in India. Advertisements

A Home I Left | Day-19 | NaPoWriMo

On World Heritage Day I’m overjoyed to share this piece about the places I grew in- my school, a church and my city Hyderabad in India. ❤ History is not taught right, It is not even written right, I come from a city, That is 500 years old, I grew up eating at a sweets […]

I’ve never been there | Day-6 | NaPoWriMo2016

I contracted myopia when I was 9 years old. I did not know that for a year, Not until I failed to read tiny prints, On a world map that named minute brown circles, In the middle of an ocean, In between Africa and Latin America. I was 12 when I discovered from a book, […]

Traffic Lights

A bokeh of traffic lights, Between the lids of my eyes. An artificial prism, Offered to compensate, For all the travelling, I cannot do. To fantasize places, I’ve never been to. A bokeh of traffic lights, Between the lids of my eyes. Dancing to my stillness, Under the polluted sky, Hiding the earth’s satellite, Jeering […]

Fighting Reluctance

I wish steel was a mute material The ultimate escape From the rattle My mothers makes in the kitchen Thanks to the high decibel of Techno sounds plugged in my ears Subtracting the world Strolling on the roof top Counting the number of sparrows Because now they are endangered Trying to capture the full moon […]