Fighting Reluctance

I wish steel was a mute material The ultimate escape From the rattle My mothers makes in the kitchen Thanks to the high decibel of Techno sounds plugged in my ears Subtracting the world Strolling on the roof top Counting the number of sparrows Because now they are endangered Trying to capture the full moon […]

What is that I should reflect upon?

When I was asked; To reflect upon myself, Once in a while, I tried doing that. I tried to assess, My actions and words. I did cross, A few embarassing moments. I remembered words, I never spoke. Things, I feared to do. My past is filled, With fear of consequences. With undone actions, Than the […]


I’m guilty of Sucking my mother’s labour And draining my father’s pockets I’m a parasite That eats away Her own life givers’ resources I wish they killed me Before I multiplied Into a burden That never sheds Should I not be tried In all the courts of the world? Should I not be convicted For […]

10 Years After School

10 Junes ago I was 15 years old The last first day of school On that eventful morning I got lectured for the hundreth time By my typical Indian parents I am 25 years old I get them even today 10 years after passing out from school I am still a NOBODY Sorry teachers, parents, […]

Life is dreary. Death is dreary

Life is dreary It has to be survived At the cost of many things Sweat and tears, Wish they could be taxed. Wish there was some maths To weigh them right Many number of years go by without returns Uneconomical investments and Unpaid dreams Of mothers and fathers Of courageless children Of uninterested teachers Of […]