I Need Space


After you wheedled me to come long, I enjoyed the gentle ribbing now and then.
I was attracted by the appearing and disappearing lines of horizons.
The unison of natural elements looked surreal.

Afar, the gloriole and romance of celestial bodies gave me hope.
I looked into your eyes and meant to say,
“The same would translate between you and me.”

Shiting axis, in different orbits. Sometimes near, sometimes far,
but always present in this neck of the woods.

And then our orbits overlapped,
our spaces coincided.
First partially, then wholly,
I was hemmed in by you.
I was robbed off the light borrowed from the stars and left beleaguered by your shadows.

There was a shortage of space,
I started taking breaths on the sly,
I started breathing through parted lips,
The fire you passed on to me,
burned my tubes and inlets, combusted my vessels and veins.

Your persistent tantalization provoked me to spit out particles from my body,
to explode in your face,
ripping you and me apart,
wasting joules and joules of energy
for countless light years and eons.

What for is this love that spifflicates the home we built,
that invades, colonizes and deprives me of my orbital space?

-MagyKars (c)
Presenting my 4th collaboration with artist @tanyakotnala Check out her brilliant illustrations at @bhuli_art on instagram and at https://www.facebook.com/Bhuliart/ on facebook . This illustration is part of her series called ‘I Need Space’. If you are in a toxic relationship, you should send this to your partner. I hope I’ve done justice to this art with my words.


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