A note to my father

It’s me who’s being subjected To trail Why are you straining your back To vindicate me? I’m supposed to be alone In this fair battle If I loose Let me bear the vile insults Relieve yourself from the onus Of proving my potential to the world Give some rest To your tired soles I can […]

Self Created Season

I’m going through A self created season Abusing my senses To balance good times Stingy with buying clothes Repaying bucks spent on books Giving up rich foods Lessening the burden on my feeders Shedding hard tears As if I deserve this For all the carefree laughing Practicing frugality For tomorrow I anticipate poverty

Slow death of self-love

On a forward date At an unvisited place When silence creeps In the middle of us When our eyes don’t meet And hearts looking for excuses To avoid each other’s company I can imagine A slow death of self love And hiding in a state of oblivion Wholly discarding self worth That justifies my existence […]


I’m guilty of Sucking my mother’s labour And draining my father’s pockets I’m a parasite That eats away Her own life givers’ resources I wish they killed me Before I multiplied Into a burden That never sheds Should I not be tried In all the courts of the world? Should I not be convicted For […]