Received Certificate from University of Iowa, USA- International Writing Program (IWP), MOOC How Writers Write Fiction 2016 Storied Women

Received a Certificate for completing this wonderful MOOC, How Writers Write Fiction: Storied Women. The purpose of the course was to concentrate on building female fictional characters, along with various writing techniques that are common to creative writing. The course is a wonderful initiative for only one reason- it attempted to contribute to increasing female […]

200 Followers on MagyKars!

My blog touched 200 followers. Just two months ago I had about 165 followers. I am so greatful to all my fellow bloggers, writers, poets and artists for appreciating my work. You all have been so generous. I’m comitted to practicing poetry irrespective of what my circumstances are. I hope to be consistent. Thanks to […]

150 Followers and 1000 Likes

A BIG Thanks to all my readers and followers for generously supporting me. I have achieved 3000+ blog hits, 1000+ Likes and 150 followers on my blog MagyKars. Poetry is so addictive and the constant encouragement I get over here drives my blocks away. Thank you so much each and everyone who has read, commented, […]

Happy New Year And Thanks To My First 100 Followers :)

Hello All, After around 15-20 takes finally I recorded my first video blog. 😀 This lead me to open a youtube channel too by the name “Magykars- A Poetry Blog”. The happiness of this immeasurable. I’m slowly losing my inhibitions. I owe this courage to poetry and to all my followers and readers on WordPress. […]