From where do you draw this authority, To object to my mobility? Who bestowed this on you? Your birth? You body? You sex? What gives you the sense of power? Your vanity? Empty pride? Or your fear of loss of identification?   Written for The Daily Post prompt: Object   Advertisements

Skipped a day in my mind

Skipped a day in my life, Missed a date in my mind, The dominance of something, Overabundant overcast over me, The expectation of a turn over, Keeps me waiting, anticipating. Until I check accidentally, And surprise myself that I, Skipped a day in my life, Missed a date in my mind. P.S: In the morning […]


P.S.: Sketching attempt-4 ✒✏ She secretly grew flowers, Captured selected specks of star dust, In the lanes and sidelines of her heart. She knew how to go somewhere and come back. She mastered the paths, mugged up the routes. I think you found out, And it worried you. Star dust doesn’t satiate hunger pangs, Flowers […]