Be Vulnerable

i slip into a bottomless grief within minutes and come out if it quickly. which is why my grief comes back to me in parcels. i have been disallowing the lowest phases of grief to consume me i have been denying the experience that pain offers. i have been denying the process of complete healing. […]

I don’t need to name this

today I learnt; what’s it like to; turn a heart into a stone, to gulp down sorrow; that tastes like bitter medicine. Now I know the trick; to hide fears; behind a well practiced smile. I finally learnt how to separate; yesterday’s guilt; from today’s happiness. So, this is how it feels; to hang by […]

Why ‘people’ are so disappointing

Now that we are living in compartments, in our own constructed areas of influence, it is no more our concern to peep into other’s windows, knock at other’s doors, make eye contacts at the elevator, because we might have to return a smile forcefully. We have so much to gaurd, keep secrets and we are […]

Fleeting Moments and Passing Time | Day-8 | NaPoWriMo2016

Good times are like a complex modern painting. It is only one of its kind that exists in the whole world. It cannot be recreated with the same perfection and expression. Its real meaning is a monopoly of the artist. We can only take liberties to interpret its meaning to suit our situations. Only if […]