Haunting Randomness 3

Sat there hugging bare skin. Cold waters, Can’t take the chill yet. A wandering mind, To unpleasant times, Crossroads, blue pages. Heavy heart regrets, Forbidden connections, blasphemous desires. An aching body, After unholy actions, permanent scares. They haunt, decisions, weaknesses. They abuse, conversations, arguments. A stinking torso. Of another skin, secret meetings. Soul curses, For […]

Two Endings

Nothing else left to say, drinks got over. He decides not to wait, She tells she won’t return. She left the park, rain stopped. Flowers dried, they separate. Fortnight ended, the moon vanished. Words stopped coming, the midnight oil exhausted. Blackout at the last page She tore up the letter, he drove off. Time passed, […]

The Art-Chaos Fusion

Decades ago there was explosion and shortage. Resources and Wealth were either abundant or deficit. Dreams were either costly or cheap. Only two kinds of people lived, Blue bloods and Red bloods. Mature civilizations existed with cultures, histories and religions. Armies were formed, nations expanded, men rose to power. Powerful wanted to become more powerful, […]

Not My Fault

I was walking down the stairs with my head hung. My eyes fell on a few chocolate wrappers. I remembered I had them last night, but I couldn’t recall if I threw the wrappers out of my window. How did these make their way here? I observed the garbage lifter was trying to use the […]