Not My Fault


I was walking down the stairs with my head hung. My eyes fell on a few chocolate wrappers. I remembered I had them last night, but I couldn’t recall if I threw the wrappers out of my window. How did these make their way here?

I observed the garbage lifter was trying to use the lift, but it wasn’t working. It’s stuck in the fifth floor. I used it to go up to the terrace after many days. Guess I hadn’t closed the gate properly. Poor guy has to take the stairs till the fifth floor.

I walked lazily in to the flat. My father did not look up from the newspaper like everyday. He had a very intense expression. I get a feeling he is disappointed with me. I must have done something or not have done something.

My phone is unusually silent, no beeps. It’s been a whole day and yet no text from him. Had I said something that hurt him? Is he ignoring me on the pretext of being busy?

As usual my mother is throwing things in the kitchen. I understand she is fed up of take care of me and dad. I am 23 and unemployed . We have a maid, but we can’t afford a cook. I have to catch up a class in a coaching institute. I cannot help her in the kitchen. I wish I could.

I took a bit long in the bathroom today. This must have annoyed my dad more, he slammed the front door really hard. The loud thud annoyed my mom. She looked around angrily at me and dad. I should have finished bathing quickly.

I decided to skip breakfast. When I was about to leave, my dad spoke up breaking the silence in the house.

The phone is dead since three days and the telephone department guys haven’t shown up yet. His frustration could not be hidden anymore.

That relieved me. So, my dad was upset not because of me.

My mom came into my room with the breakfast. She was fussing about the dead phone as she had to call up the retail shop to confirm the rice bag delivery. She brushed my hair and asked me what I liked to have to for lunch.

That came as an ultimate relief. So, my mom was angry not because of me.

My phone was vibrating since sometime. 2 missed calls and 10 messages. 5 sorry messages, others saying his battery dried up. He could not text because he was travelling, but not because of me.

The housemaid came early today. When she was sweeping my room I found the chocolate wrappers. I did not throw them out of the window. The stairs were littered not because of me.

I started off to the institute. I walked up to the lift only to find a board hanging there. “Lift out of order”. So, I was lucky in the morning. The garbage collector guy had a tough morning not because of me.

It’s so surprising that unconsciously sometimes we chose to be unhappy. The day has just started. I am filled with a belief that things happen, but it isn’t my fault at all.


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