The diamond In my ear ring Is the only thing That sparkles In your own created Darkness Follow the glimmer Piercing your iris Renounce Your brittle self Surrender To my blissful magic I promise To touch on Your heart break Posted from WordPress for Android

And you ask me to prove that I’m with you?

Take me to a river side, In still waters, Compare my reflection, With yours, I’m travelling with you, In the ripples and waves. And you ask me to prove, That I’m with you? Take me to a public library. Pick up a book, Read out to me dialogues, Between your favourite characters, Don’t they resemble […]


Skidding from One word to the other My eyes caught you In between sentences An inherent message That susbstantiates our Decisions and regrets I always wondered How to face it When the time tide Pulls us apart My eyes whelm with tears With the imagination Of separation Today love is a verb Giving us some […]