Blooming Bloody Flowers

Ice-bitten toes couldn’t contain the excitement anymore. they tip-toed out of the heavenly comfort of cushy covers on hearing the feeble crack of burning maple twigs and litter collected from the backyard. while combusting, the pops sounded like curious kids asking a hundred questions. “why do we do this?” “why do we do this, at […]


I probably live in the incisions of my palms. my actions predetermined, my thoughts preconceived, in the dust of the dead star that I am made out of. I’m probably carrying separated pieces of things that came in pairs in the deep ravines etched on my palms; the skeleton of my my hands probably have […]

Be Vulnerable

i slip into a bottomless grief within minutes and come out if it quickly. which is why my grief comes back to me in parcels. i have been disallowing the lowest phases of grief to consume me i have been denying the experience that pain offers. i have been denying the process of complete healing. […]