Dear Aleppo

  Dear Aleppo, I woke up to you like an annoyed neighbor in the middle of the night, irritated by the escalating ruckus outside my window. I cursed you for your conduct. Dear Aleppo, I came to know of you like a dirty rumor traveling by word of mouth. I heard nasty things about how […]

I Need Space

After you wheedled me to come long, I enjoyed the gentle ribbing now and then. I was attracted by the appearing and disappearing lines of horizons. The unison of natural elements looked surreal. Afar, the gloriole and romance of celestial bodies gave me hope. I looked into your eyes and meant to say, “The same […]

Coalescence Of My Wildest Dreams

At times I experience difficultly in moving ahead with everyday chores. There are lapses now and then. My movements slow down and I sink inwards wherever I am. The physical sense of being able to see with my eyes, merges and diverges with what I wish I could see. A kaleidoscope of shifting, colourful images […]

Monochromous Frames

“She hates any interference in her beingness, her objective realness, specially the intruding beams of morning light, she rejects. She longs to peal off her mask by night, to mourn the rotational death of leaves, to grudge the victory of the mighty over weak, to lie down in the lap of engulfing darkness. And…there’s an […]

Overflowing Potheads

Here’s presenting my first art plus words collaboration with visual artist, Tanya. The following sketch represents humans with overflowing minds indicating overthinking. I penned down my thoughts surrounding this picture. Hope I’ve done justice to her art. Thanks to Tanya for letting me publish her work exclusively in my blog. Do let us know what […]