Who will play with the dolls?

“Mangoes? Check. Saffron threads? Check. Turmeric balls? Check. Kohl? Check. Sandalwood bars?…where are the sandalwood bars? Listen…..!” “I’m here, in the backyard.” Mahalakshmi could not contain her excitement. Her younger son’s wife was pregnant. For two generations there have been no daughters in the Kondavalli household. Her elder son has two sons. Her husband Kondavalli […]

Death of fear and end of magic

(i) What if the magic stops working? Unsettling of dew drops, withering of leaves, long before the earth turned its face, the breath of tree trunks exhaling poison and inducing toxins into the molecules of air, shelters of all things living dismantling themselves, by the effect of a curse. (ii) What if humans stopped fearing? Seething […]