Received Certificate from University of Iowa, USA- International Writing Program (IWP), MOOC How Writers Write Fiction 2016 Storied Women


Received a Certificate for completing this wonderful MOOC, How Writers Write Fiction: Storied Women. The purpose of the course was to concentrate on building female fictional characters, along with various writing techniques that are common to creative writing. The course is a wonderful initiative for only one reason- it attempted to contribute to increasing female representation in literature by particularly female authors. All the mentors were female authors. There were so many take-aways from their writing experiences. I got an amazing opportunity to interact with writers from across the globe, literally from every part of it from USA to New Zealand. I rich cultural exchange happened through literature. I got to read amazingly diverse stuff where people articulated stories from their culture, incorporating linguistics and idiosyncracies. I got to share five of my stories in Indian writing in English, will be sharing them with soon. I hope this course comes in handy in future when I plan to write a novel with strong female characterization. A hectic month and a half finally paid off. I can finally feel accomplished 🙂


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