Be Vulnerable

i slip into a bottomless grief within minutes and come out if it quickly. which is why my grief comes back to me in parcels. i have been disallowing the lowest phases of grief to consume me i have been denying the experience that pain offers. i have been denying the process of complete healing. […]

Dear Aleppo

  Dear Aleppo, I woke up to you like an annoyed neighbor in the middle of the night, irritated by the escalating ruckus outside my window. I cursed you for your conduct. Dear Aleppo, I came to know of you like a dirty rumor traveling by word of mouth. I heard nasty things about how […]

My sister creatures

This smooth, friction-less, shinny, titanium coloured, responsive, non-living object; replaced, overshadowed my; sensory perceptions for years. . The skin on my finger-tips; no longer remember the; coarse texture of the soil; or the roughness of barks. . In spite of sitting so close; to my cohabitees on earth; I lack the manners and etiquettes to […]

When will I be free?

Grief whelms upto the neck, may be just enough to exchange life for moisture. Crevices run too deep to be embellished with actions or words. Light is annoyed and the dark is winning cunningly. Good left this place and went away for too long now. Hearts paid too much more than the debt of borrowed […]