I wish I could

i wish i could hold this moment
in the clench of my wrist,
like i hold a portrait in my hands.
                        -that which draws me in
                         with a hypnotizing charm,
                          taking me away from   
                          myself. that which
                          enamours my senses,
                          tricking me into
                          believing the old magic

i wish i could lock
the sound of rain drops,
like i lock my room.
                        -that which bewitches my
                          heart and turns me into a
                          possessive lover. that
                          which abates the
                          storm in my chest and
                          comforts my unrhythmic

i wish i could possess
the colours of the monsoon,
like the way i own my books.
                        -those which carry hidden
                         messages, a new one for
                         each day. those which
                         stay forever even when
                         the end is nearing
                         and being alive for
                         another day
                         seems to be a marvellous


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