I Need Space

After you wheedled me to come long, I enjoyed the gentle ribbing now and then. I was attracted by the appearing and disappearing lines of horizons. The unison of natural elements looked surreal. Afar, the gloriole and romance of celestial bodies gave me hope. I looked into your eyes and meant to say, “The same […]

The Homebreaker

The pigment in the crimson on her lips scattered everywhere by morning. A little on his collar, a little behind his ears and a lot of it in the enamel of his teeth. Her bed looked like a disordered living room after an overnight party. Amidst the chaos, she felt immense compassion for him, as […]

Why ‘people’ are so disappointing

Now that we are living in compartments, in our own constructed areas of influence, it is no more our concern to peep into other’s windows, knock at other’s doors, make eye contacts at the elevator, because we might have to return a smile forcefully. We have so much to gaurd, keep secrets and we are […]

Flowers In Terrariums

“I need to watch you closely, may be a few inches from here, every passing second, without batting an eye. I needed to measure the length, thickness, breadth and weight of you. I need to know the reason behind your blue face, and dry throat. I want to dress your wounds, and clean the clutter […]