Dear Aleppo

  Dear Aleppo, I woke up to you like an annoyed neighbor in the middle of the night, irritated by the escalating ruckus outside my window. I cursed you for your conduct. Dear Aleppo, I came to know of you like a dirty rumor traveling by word of mouth. I heard nasty things about how […]

I don’t need to name this

today I learnt; what’s it like to; turn a heart into a stone, to gulp down sorrow; that tastes like bitter medicine. Now I know the trick; to hide fears; behind a well practiced smile. I finally learnt how to separate; yesterday’s guilt; from today’s happiness. So, this is how it feels; to hang by […]

Death of fear and end of magic

(i) What if the magic stops working? Unsettling of dew drops, withering of leaves, long before the earth turned its face, the breath of tree trunks exhaling poison and inducing toxins into the molecules of air, shelters of all things living dismantling themselves, by the effect of a curse. (ii) What if humans stopped fearing? Seething […]

The Insignificant Million

*Trigger Warning*: Suicide Do you mean to say that the death of people who were born into, lived through and died in poverty is of no significance? There are millions of people who do not experience any kind of economic and social progress ever in their lives. They live and die in insufficency. Only few […]

Burden of waking up to sunrises | Day-24 | NaPoWriMo2016

I fear sunrises. I dread the pace of running time, I am somewhere in the middle of, Camping in the deadening silence of darkness, And reluctance to proceed along with the day change, Every night stares at me with a wide opened mouth, Only threatening to consume me, But leaving me at the feet of […]