Body Found In Public

She woke up with a heaviness in her head. An acute pain surged down her spine. She could hardly fathom what caused the sudden weakness. She could hear whispers and soft chatter. A person in a blue apron reached out to her to help her to sit up. There were three people present in the hospital room and all fell silent now. She looked at herself, she was wearing a similar apron. Her clothes were hanging on the side on a steel bar nailed to the wall. Her throat was dry and lips parched. She grew impatient by every minute. Her eyes were silently pleading for someone to tell her how she ended up here. All she got was blank stares.

For a minute she tried to recall where she was the last time she was conscious. She shut her eyes and remembered
high sounding techno music, dim lights, coloured bottles in different shapes lined up on a table and blur imagery of a man holding one of them. A bartender, she believed. Suddenly she thought of her sister! She opened her eyes and spoke for the first time in 24 hours. “Where is my sister?” All of them glanced at each other with perplexed expressions on their faces.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. A policeman pushed the door open and speedily marched towards her with a pen and papers.
“Please sign these”, he instructed.
She couldn’t make out the tiny print with her teary eyes. While trying to hold the pen she asked in a low timid voice “Why? What are these for?”

“Your body was found in a public toilet yesterday. Your rape kit is being prepared to send it to the court. We need your signatures”.


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