Fitting Enough | Day-6 | Women’s Day Month Series

I was reading a woman’s experience of public shaming of her extra pounds of weight. She got asked by a number of random people if she was ‘pregnant’. People’s curious eyes always fell on her belly and their compulsive urge to guess correctly what exactly lies under her clothes often ended up in judging her […]

Clad Yourself | Day-5 | Women’s Day Month Series

Everyone has a suggestion for you, Chef, chauffeur, colleague, Everyone has an opinion, Mother, Aunt, brother, Which they rightfully state, Around your body, In that outfit, On that evening. They’re doing you so much favour, They’re dissecting you, Like an animal in a lab, Diagnosing you, Determining your temperature, That guy who discovered, A mole […]

Flash $ Dance | Day-1 | Women’s Day Month Series

Written for Ronovon’s Weekly Haiku Challenge March is the Internation Women’s Day month. For this entire month, the subject of my writings will centered on women. Enjoy the series. Leave you response 🙂

A Lonely Mountain

Like a lonely mountain She was poised Undeterred by acting forces Time had to be measure By the number of granules That parted away Her age was counted By the number of years She graced with her presence A hiding vacuum In the middle of its body Held unspoken secrets That were whispered In an […]

A No Damsel In Distress

I can feel your eyes over my bare neck While I have my head buried in my book Scribbling ramblings doodling places and people Am I of your interest? Amid the bustle and rustle of the street Do you care what I’m scribbling about? Are you waving at me for attention? You better not I […]