When I’m walking from one room to another in my house, I am making strenuous efforts, To hold my immediate thoughts. I am trying to stop my mind from wavering. These are the days, When I am about to hit my rock bottom. Things are slipping out of hands, Nothing is in control anymore, I’m […]

I’d build her a sanctuary | Day-17 | Women’s Day Month Series

I read somewhere today that providing women with equal opportunity serves no purpose unless they are provided with an equal, free and rightful  access to an environment which is conducive for their growth. Menstrual taboos are ancient irrational beliefs and practices that need to be rid off. From the number of superstitious practices the one […]

Shoulder Bones | Day-8 | Women’s Day Month Series

Tell me how to grow my shoulder bones, Into broad ones like the blades of a fan, I need to, because your evil grin and hungry eyes, Tear me down a hundred times in a day, When my bra line peeps out of its place. She cannot restrain her mischief ways. Why should she anyway? […]

Calling Poets and Writers on Twitter

Hello All, If you are on twitter and if you are interested in writing micropoetry/flash fiction/short stories, here is an account you should follow for regular inspiration. I am happy to announce the launch of my new account on twitter by handle @KarsPoetry where I would suggest prompts to inspire you. Be there! Let’s verse […]