INKtober2016 | Day 10-14 | Pensive

she interlaced her tragedies with the fabric of her gown, she weaved her dysphoric retentions in the tangles of her hair, she sewed her nightmares in the dermis of her skin, she was enlaced in her pensive melancholy. she cosied in the intimate embrace of her sorrows. she was the dark seabed, to where sunlight fails […]

INKtober2016 | Day 7, 8, 9 | Inflammable

On some days, she garners too much fire in her belly that could ignite the phosphorous in her bones. Such is her rage- inflammable She could start a firework- begins to smoke, spits out sparks, flames and drops ash. There are no invitations to witness the spectacular. It is something she does to herself in […]

Why ‘people’ are so disappointing

Now that we are living in compartments, in our own constructed areas of influence, it is no more our concern to peep into other’s windows, knock at other’s doors, make eye contacts at the elevator, because we might have to return a smile forcefully. We have so much to gaurd, keep secrets and we are […]

The Insignificant Million

*Trigger Warning*: Suicide Do you mean to say that the death of people who were born into, lived through and died in poverty is of no significance? There are millions of people who do not experience any kind of economic and social progress ever in their lives. They live and die in insufficency. Only few […]