My sister creatures

This smooth, friction-less, shinny, titanium coloured, responsive, non-living object; replaced, overshadowed my; sensory perceptions for years. . The skin on my finger-tips; no longer remember the; coarse texture of the soil; or the roughness of barks. . In spite of sitting so close; to my cohabitees on earth; I lack the manners and etiquettes to […]

Death of fear and end of magic

(i) What if the magic stops working? Unsettling of dew drops, withering of leaves, long before the earth turned its face, the breath of tree trunks exhaling poison and inducing toxins into the molecules of air, shelters of all things living dismantling themselves, by the effect of a curse. (ii) What if humans stopped fearing? Seething […]

The Earth’s Diary | Day-22 | NaPoWriMo

My birth is part of the mysterious birth of the universe. My beauty lies in my complexity and depth. When I was younger, I was quite unstable with my emotions, I was either too cold or too hot, So much that my temperaments took lives away, Only those that had the skin and bone to […]

Rhymed Verses | Day-5 | NaPoWriMo2016

Rhymed verses with the coloured winged singers, Captured tender dandelions at the park, She felt bound by the silence after dark, Drawing with her little fingers, Along the curves of the crescent moon, She slipped into dreams of seeing the sun soon. Posted from WordPress for Android