Why ‘people’ are so disappointing

Now that we are living in compartments, in our own constructed areas of influence, it is no more our concern to peep into other’s windows, knock at other’s doors, make eye contacts at the elevator, because we might have to return a smile forcefully. We have so much to gaurd, keep secrets and we are […]

The Insignificant Million

*Trigger Warning*: Suicide Do you mean to say that the death of people who were born into, lived through and died in poverty is of no significance? There are millions of people who do not experience any kind of economic and social progress ever in their lives. They live and die in insufficency. Only few […]

Burden of waking up to sunrises | Day-24 | NaPoWriMo2016

I fear sunrises. I dread the pace of running time, I am somewhere in the middle of, Camping in the deadening silence of darkness, And reluctance to proceed along with the day change, Every night stares at me with a wide opened mouth, Only threatening to consume me, But leaving me at the feet of […]

How I deal with life. | Day-15 | NaPoWriMo2016

When i am too idle i start peeling the skin on my dried lips and cracked heels with the pinch of my finger nails. And then i almost forget to stop, unless something startles me. The hardened layers of dermis is never enough for my anxiety. I have to keep going until I bleed. I […]

Fighting Reluctance

I wish steel was a mute material The ultimate escape From the rattle My mothers makes in the kitchen Thanks to the high decibel of Techno sounds plugged in my ears Subtracting the world Strolling on the roof top Counting the number of sparrows Because now they are endangered Trying to capture the full moon […]