Rhymed Verses | Day-5 | NaPoWriMo2016

Rhymed verses with the coloured winged singers, Captured tender dandelions at the park, She felt bound by the silence after dark, Drawing with her little fingers, Along the curves of the crescent moon, She slipped into dreams of seeing the sun soon. Posted from WordPress for Android


P.S.: Sketching attempt-4 ✒✏ She secretly grew flowers, Captured selected specks of star dust, In the lanes and sidelines of her heart. She knew how to go somewhere and come back. She mastered the paths, mugged up the routes. I think you found out, And it worried you. Star dust doesn’t satiate hunger pangs, Flowers […]

Suicide Notes

A research scholar by name Rohith Vemula committed suicide in the University of Hyderabad, India on 18th January 2016. He belonged to a marginalized community in India. He was subjected to institutional violence and pressure due to exaggerated campus politics. Some dramatic events drove him to take this grave step. His last words were introspective […]

It was a death of a dream and nobody mourned

The sand roasted in the heat of a fierce orange ball, Faster than it separated water from salts. Amidst the invisible motion of rising droplets, Tiny nails dug into the generous earth, In the quest of her finest granules, Reduced by the winds travelling from the south. Sticking together, piling up mounds, Doors, windows under […]

Haunting Randomness

3 o’clock in the afternoon, through the shut windows the sound of raindrops and rustling of leaves in the after rain breeze. The dark clouds allowing less light to reflect through the broken window pane. Nearing to darkness, gloom hovering the room. A mind restrained from listening to the euphony of the wind chimes. The […]