My sister creatures

This smooth, friction-less,
shinny, titanium coloured,
responsive, non-living object;

replaced, overshadowed my;

sensory perceptions for years.


The skin on my finger-tips;
no longer remember the;

coarse texture of the soil;

or the roughness of barks.


In spite of sitting so close;

to my cohabitees on earth;

I lack the manners and etiquettes

to acknowledge their presence.


But, my sister creatures;

are kinder than my fellow humans,

they show up and greet me,

generously enquire about my wellbeing,

offer to comfort the commotion,

doing a nasty job,

under my ridcage.


I was still unmindful;

and it was a moment of fortune;

that a slight distraction;

resulted in spotting them;

behind me,

around me,

above me.


I looked up then,

awed by their magnificient bodies,

huge yet humble,

mighty yet generous.


I felt large arms extending,

curling in towards me;

drawing me closer to themselves.


A truly warm embrace!


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