Coalescence Of My Wildest Dreams


At times I experience difficultly in moving ahead with everyday chores.
There are lapses now and then. My movements slow down and I sink inwards wherever I am. The physical sense of being able to see with my eyes, merges and diverges with what I wish I could see. A kaleidoscope of shifting, colourful images blurring and focusing, sending me in and out of a semblance. No matter how many times I try to reimagine my imagination, I still cannot perceive its concrete form. That which is moving in front of me, tricking my mind, wasting my time and blocking a surge of emotions, I cannot comprehend what it means. I think I should be there if I want to see. It is too far from here. I should get closer to it. How I wish somebody tapped me on my shoulder, took me by my hand and lead me through that mystery.

But then I suddenly remember, I don’t want to be lead, I am my own chauffeur. I wish to wander solo through unfamiliar boulevards, enquiring for directions, building new friendships, cracking the mystery,  reach there and discovering the treasure, with the fuel I bought with my own money. I suddenly remember, I don’t need company to make it to anywhere. The view is very clear from here. A coalescence of bits and crumbs of my wildest dreams.

My third collaboration with illustrator, Tanya. Check her work here:


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