Install mirrors in your home.
(Imbibe): There has to be a surface,
                  That reflects back at you.
                  That flashes harshly,
                  Pierces sharply,
                  First rays of the sun,
                  Into your weak eyes.
                  And you cannot tolerate;
                  What you see:
(Behold): The fuming, angry face;
                  Of your mother,
                  That’s coloured mildly in red;
                  And blue,
                  Just like the shades;
                  Of her blood,
                  Her mother’s blood,
                  Your grandmother’s blood.
(Listen): The compressing forehead;
                  Of your father,
                  Which carries stories of;
                  Sorrow and poorness,
                  The story of his grand past;
                  Gone wrong.
                  Of his father’s vanity,
                  His mother’s extreme;
Install mirrors in your home.
(Cover):  An unnecessary expression;
                  Of disgust,
                  So clearly worn on her face,
                  Your teacher’s;
                  Bitter, firm rebuke.
                  What are you running away from?
(Cringe): Today you have;
                   Your own pillow,
                   Your own bed and roof;
                   Does your blanket shield you;
                   From judgemental glances,
                   Of your colleagues at your;
                   Swollen eyes, shabby hair;
                   Unpressed clothes;
                   On a Monday morning?
                   What are you hiding from?
(Act):       Mirrors don’t lie,
                  Nor do the dishonest smiles;
                  Hidden hard feelings;
                  Towards you,
                  Half-hearted embraces,
                  Your friends offered,
                  At farewells and renuions,
                  You’re adult enough to guage,
                  Aren’t you?

Install mirrors in your home.

P.S: Experimented a new form of writing. Would love to your thoughts and feedback. Thanks 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mirrors

  1. it is an intriguing form. for me, reading in print, it strikes me as a poetic reworking of a theater play script. Scene i, act one, etc. As such the words in the parentheses become become script parentheticals giving direction to the Reader now turned Actor as to how to read the stanza / scene. As a result, it facilitates a particular kind of engagement by the reader, a more active role in a sense. Rather than in effect listening to the poet express their poem, they themselves to conduct the action, having to ponder how to “cringe” given the context of the stanza.

    I think you’ve done a splendid job exploring the facets of “mirror” – revealing what we usually pass by without nary a thought has more impact and influence on our lives than we care to admit, and at the same time moving the mirror beyond the physical object, which we can install in our homes, to something abstract…all that which reflects our lives back to us, who and what has made us us.

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    • Thank you for the elaborate review. I am too fond of spoken word poetry. I tried to write down in a way which gives a dramatic effect when read out aloud. It sure looks like a scene in a play, performance poetry I think can have its own written form too. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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