The Earth’s Diary | Day-22 | NaPoWriMo

My birth is part of the mysterious birth of the universe.
My beauty lies in my complexity and depth.
When I was younger,
I was quite unstable with my emotions,
I was either too cold or too hot,
So much that my temperaments took lives away,
Only those that had the skin and bone to survive, lived through.
This is why there are so many movies on weird creatures and the egocentric humans always win over them.
My depression was worst,
I rained tears that filled seven oceans.
My anger was tempestuous,
There was no way I could express it other than beat myself up,
Dig my nails through my skin,
And stir my flesh beyond repair.
After millions of years,
I’m still trying to gather my broken pieces,
And build myself back,
Meanwhile, there are dynamites bursting on my chest,
Metal pipes drilled through my mouth to reach my belly,
I have been robbed, bruised and abused.
There is no remedy to what is done to me,
I am indefensible.
It is now time to turn the tables,
To boil rocks,
To spit fire,
To vomit the plastics,
To crack open and expose my interiors,
Snatching away the floors beneath their soles
To absorb everything into my abdomen,
To sweep away every tiny breathing object,
Forever without a single proof,
It is time to lock the doors for humanity.

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