Power of Water

She’d imagine hands trying to reach out to her,
A hug that comes in full circle,
When she’s least expecting on most bad days,
The longing weighed too much on her chest,
She needed to rise, walk, shift places,
Deep sighs, late beginnings,
Stale beer and bad coffees.
She started counted her wasted bucks.
No amount of whining could undo spendings.

And then, she spotted a pellucid pool.
She wanted someone to coax her into it,
So she could pretend she didn’t do it by herself.
Merely immersing an ankle deep,
Shot up waves of liberation through her veins.
This was not an endurance test,
It was a laison with her demons,
She needed to launch herself,
Into a speculation underwater,
Where she needn’t worry about,
Arresting the strands of her hair.
They drifted aimlessly,
Even the voices in her head.

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