Humanity has learnt to move on | Day-3 | NaPoWriMo2016

Walking away from long time attachments,
Is not that difficult as it was in the 80s or 90s,
We hardly pay attention to anything,
A split of a divided second length of vigilance,
Through a time that is a dawn of many things,
When the size of ours palms are shrinking,
Enough to squeeze a device between thumbs.
Once a upon a time, under the midday sun,
Our biggest challenge was to stop hot sand,
From slipping away through a finger gap space.
I think we have evolved,
The love guru on the radio was ousted.
Who needs advice?
It is torn up, crushed and thrown away,
Like one of those pamplets stuffed in our hands,
On the sides of morning walk parks.
There’s so much content to refill voids,
On radios, on TVs, on mobiles and internet,
Who is thinking of that significant other?
No one.
Those heartbreak poems are too imagined ones,
Finally, humanity has learnt to move on.

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