End Of Women’s Day Month Series

This marks the end of my month long writings on women. I always wanted to use poetry for activism. I believe words are powerful than anything else to trigger change. It has been very difficult to be consistent and committed. There were number of times when I wanted to stop the series, after 10 days, after 15 days, after 25 days, but the reality is too much out in the open and it comes back to me in the form of news reports. I had to bring out my pent up anguish, resentment and temper, it was important for me personally. Things have been a little sad too, people have unfollowed me, unliked my facebook page, for speaking about abortion rights, unequal marriage and marital rape. Thank god for no hate mails πŸ˜€ I have been removed from a group on facebook that calls itself a feminist hub, for sharing stuff regularly. I must have annoyed the admin with too many posts πŸ˜€ After spending 30 sleepless nights to design, write, share these posts, I am finally happy and proud of this collection. I have covered a range of issues which often bother me as a woman at a personal level. Thanks to everyone who has read and responded to my work through out. It really means a lot me.

In case you have been following my series, I’d love to here back from you. I have done enough talking, let you guys speak up now. I’d love to keep a record of all your thoughts. I shall feature them in my blog. Kindly email me your thoughts to ” magykarspoetry@yahoo.in ” or leave comments below πŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “End Of Women’s Day Month Series

  1. Great job sticking with it for 30 days. I didn’t read all of them, but I did read a lot. Some post were very powerful. Of course, many of the most powerful ones were aimed at India so I had to take your word for it that it is really that bad.

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    • Thank you for responding here. No, I did not mean to paint a negative picture. Since independence from British rule in 1947 things are slowly improving. Things are fine in urban areas, though there are security issues. But, progress hasn’t really trickled down. This is why it is important to raise these issues for discussion. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts ☺

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