Visit a dungeon cell | Day-25 | Women’s Day Month Series


Thousands of sex workers who were forced into flesh trade due to various reasons, are in dire need of an alternative livelihood option. They need acceptance in the society free from all stigmas so that they become employable. They need access to health facilities, many of them suffer from AIDS and STDs. They are looking for social security and a better life for their children. They need to be rescued. One way to provide them with some financial security and basic rights is to decriminalize and legalize sex work. This has a matter of huge debate already.

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3 thoughts on “Visit a dungeon cell | Day-25 | Women’s Day Month Series

  1. I’m not sure whether I like the explanations and background you supply after the poem or not. On the whole, i’m tending to think it’s counter-productive. On the other hand, when I read the poem, it did not evoke a sense of the subject ..


    • I am sorry. I did not write this for praises. I wrote this because I am committed to a cause. People usually give critical reviews. But, if you cannot even comprehend this, I can’t help you either. Thanks for reading.


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