Goddesses With Weapons | Day-22 | Women’s Day Month Series


A friend once pointed out that relationship inside a marriage is always hierarchal and never equal. Every woman in her lifetime would have suffered humiliation in the hands of her husband a number of times. Women are always expected to ‘adjust’ and think it is as their ‘duty’ to keep providing and serving husband and children. Importantly, in India, this comes with a heavy religious sanction. I have read a number of newspaper reports where the women are battered and killed by their husbands for most trivial reasons such as ‘bad cooking’. The general conscious of Indian society is that a man’s anger is more valid and can be allowed. Woman should not be angry, they cannot raise voice in the house, they are often corrected and schooled to be ‘soft natured’, especially wives and mothers. This grave gender stereotyping is what forcing women to conform and tolerate the arbitrary behaviour of men in the house. Ungreatful men in the house. And in a man’s world, to be a wife is near slavery for goddesses and mortal women.

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