I turned into a mosaic | Day-15 | Women’s Day Month Series


This piece of art work and poem is dedicated to acid attack victims. Acid attack is a gender based violence quite frequent in India and Bangladesh. Women are subjected to this high rate of brutality by the men they reject. The consequence of an acid attack are most henious as it leads to permanent disfigurement, organ failure and death. Those who live through it go through inexplicble amounts of pain, trauma and depression. They withdraw from the world completely. The treatment is costly, it requires many number of surgeries and often people who come from poor families cannot afford to bear the cost and give up. The perpetrators are usually at large. The families and victim go through lots of hell while fighting the case and coping with the injuries. The laws in Bangladesh are tightened now and India has made efforts too, yet the attacks still happen. In spite of all this, there are many survivors who have rebuild their lives and stand as inspiration to others. I express my solidarity with these fighters and amazing souls. STOP ACID ATTACKS!

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