Fitting Enough | Day-6 | Women’s Day Month Series


I was reading a woman’s experience of public shaming of her extra pounds of weight. She got asked by a number of random people if she was ‘pregnant’. People’s curious eyes always fell on her belly and their compulsive urge to guess correctly what exactly lies under her clothes often ended up in judging her for being out of shape. She has always replied politely that she wasn’t pregnant. They did not understand it was offensive to a young woman who in the first place has many things to pursue in her life other than becoming a mother and even more upsetting if the woman does not want to have children. Yes, she has the right to choose not have kids. No woman is morally obliged to give birth just for the reason of having a uterus. She could have given it back to them, on their face. The reason she never did that was because she admits to her inconsistency in following a diet to shape her body. But, why is she being apologetic? Why does she have to explain her weight? Why is there no representation for her type of body in popular media? She would been going through a hundred things in a single day. The only way to make life a little bearable and regain strength for the follow day is to give nice things to herself, like a warm bath, movies and importantly tasty, good food. As long as eating isn’t hazardous to health, she owes no explaination regarding her appetite or the folds falling out of her hips.

This post is part of my month long series of writings on women because March is International Women’s day month 🙂

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