P.S.: Sketching attempt-4 ✒✏

She secretly grew flowers,
Captured selected specks of star dust,
In the lanes and sidelines of her heart.
She knew how to go somewhere and come back.
She mastered the paths, mugged up the routes.

I think you found out,
And it worried you.

Star dust doesn’t satiate hunger pangs,
Flowers are superficial beings.
Wandering is luxurious amusement for the rich.

She also treasured a harbour of passion,
For crescentic moon nights,
For gypsy birds on a voyage towards,
An unending northward destination.
She had an unapologetic, openly bold craving,
For saucy relationships that broke off easily,
Leaving no guilt, regret or pressure.

I think you found out,
And it worried you.

She needed to be injected, indoctrinated,
About giving and giving saintly,
Without claiming an ounce of self worth,
You sold her a flaskful of experiences,
In exchange of her dreamy wilderness,
She conspired a revolt against your notions,
She was close to throwing up,
She had a run away plan,
With no money in hand.

I think you found out,
And it worried you.

There was only one way,
Of treating the itching in her soles.
Crack the walls of her heart muscles,
Break the fibers of her veins,
Push the dagger, till the bottoms burst,
Greedily nobble her out of breath,
Block the view through her cavities.

Her heart weighs extra pounds with the dagger,
It’s a heavy job to carry it around.
She might not be able to pull it over any longer.”


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