Fighting Reluctance

I wish steel was a mute material
The ultimate escape
From the rattle
My mothers makes in the kitchen
Thanks to the high decibel of
Techno sounds plugged in my ears
Subtracting the world

Strolling on the roof top
Counting the number of sparrows
Because now they are endangered
Trying to capture the full moon
On my low pixel camera
Feeding the pigeons with old rice
Delighted by their population
Annoyed by their dominance
Over other birds
They have fascinating hideouts

A stay at home dad
Accompanies his curious kids
Who love to scare away the pigeons
It’s heartwarming
To watch him father his children
Few ugly day beginnings
Scorning at the creep
Stalking from another terrace

A heavy gush of wind
Bathing me in the purls
And there are strange things
That follow its course
I guess they are blowballs
My shabby hair traps them

The orange haze
Above the concrete jungle
Is an ironic picture to imagine
But I medidate on this unfortunate reality
The city landscape after dark
Looks like a half filled glass of wine
Comes with a restricted see through

Life keeps shaking me up
And throwing me out of places
Each time I have a tough time
Fighting the reluctance
To leave this dear corner
Of my small world

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