Anonymous Death

We have our own realities.
We live in our own societies that comprise of
parents, relatives, teachers and successful peers.
Success is stereotypical.
It typecasts people and puts them in boxes.
Approaching these societies
To confess weaknesses
Or to seek motivation
Is equal to caging your free spirit.
It’s equal to mortgaging your confidence.
These societies subject you to conformity,
conditions you,
predetermines your destiny.
They tell you to live
With the guilt of existing without productivity
And call that ‘motivation to your poor soul’.
For them,
You are nothing more than your performances
And behaviour.
They don’t tell you what your speciality is.
They victimize you,
Tie you to circumstances,
Press you to fit in,
To be in line,
To tow the line.
Anybody who obeys this set pattern
Is celebrated and offered to you as a role model.
And when you finally arrive,
You see a board- “Welcome to mediocrity”.
Just when you’re getting comfortable
In your mediocrity,
Someone judges you
For not being upto the mark.
After a few years,
You subscribe
And join those societies as a member
To endorse their views to the new comers.
Good News!
All of you will die an anonymous death.

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