Unread Writer

Some writers cannot write short sentences. They have a trail of connected thoughts which cannot be separated or paused with a comma or a full stop.

Writing in phrases, like those news headlines terminates the flow. Writing short paragraphs may be reader friendly, but few writers have to talk in bulk.

Long parallel lines, lying like a railway track from left to right unblock a pent up aggression and thick paragraphs which have the skeleton of a large rectangle bring an absolute closure to the soul.

There were times when readers never complained of the length in which the writers chose to communicate with them. Everything was appreciated and counted as a drop like contribution to the ocean of literature. There were no book tours earlier. Stories and poems sold themselves. There was a ready audience for every kind of writing.

Reading was the ultimate form of entertainment at least among those who could read. Books were cheap, cost of printing and paper was cheap. Buying a book was an intelligent investment. And by a book I mean, a hand held personal hard copy with thick pages.

Today, I don’t know where we are heading towards. Every ecosystem has readers and writers, whether online or offline. What worries me is that, now there are scanners not readers. There are too many writers virtually holding up their work like placards and billboards; begging people to buy, read, comprehend, ponder, and respond; that too for free. It’s okay to not be awarded anything for writing, but being an unread writer is a very miserable thing.

As an aspiring writer, I think I’ve reached a few closing thoughts. Writing what the reader wants to read is not good writing at all. What do you accomplish out of playing safe? Write unconventionally, question the status quo, break taboos, criticise ignorance, spread rationality and embrace the freedom of expression. I may not be able to ‘be there and do things’ in person. I’m not an onsite activist, but words have the power to play a catalyst to advancement. I want to be that propellant writer.

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