A No Damsel In Distress


I can feel your eyes over my bare neck
While I have my head buried in my book
Scribbling ramblings doodling places and people
Am I of your interest?
Amid the bustle and rustle of the street
Do you care what I’m scribbling about?
Are you waving at me for attention?
You better not
I ain’t romanticise you
Stalking at my finger movements
I sketch to observe better
My writings are treasures
They’re not for anyone to review
Remember you crossed
A no damsel in distress

I’m pretending not to be affected
By the unwelcomed overtures
Of that random guy across the street
Do you sense the turmoil
Behind my calm demeanor
You better not
Understand that it’s my way
Of dealing with creeps
I don’t need to wriggle like an earthworm
Raise an alarm or hurl abuses
Like a perched mighty eagle
Simulating a demi goddess
I’d reject him in style without gestures
I don’t want to be that disney princess
Who’s miserably indefensible
Waiting for a prince charming
To correct her circumstances
Remember you spotted
A no damsel in distress

If you spot me crying stay back forever
It’s not always a siren alerting my vulnerability
My tears turn into a shiny eye mask
That gives me the look
Of a mysterious superwoman
The smudges under my eyes
Have a new story to tell each day
I’m empowered more by the waterworks
I’m sure you have work
Important than attending my discomfort
You better not
Spare yourself from worrying
I have chocolate and books
To recover reconcile and restart
Remember you met
A no damsel in distress

I feel enhanced in every way
Standing on these pointy heels
Tapping steps through the crowd
Unapologetically swaying
A massive part of my torso
Rocking a bouncy burnt hair
Swaggering much I know!
You’re distracted
By my large dangling ear-rings
Shimmer of my dress
Kohl of my shouting eyes
Turning you into a romantic onlooker
You wish I looked at you
To check if you’re looking
You better not
I’m not the wallflower in the party
There’s a society awaiting me
I haven’t offered myself
To your admiration
Blowing kisses to my figure in the mirror
I showed up for myself
It’s a liaison with my own self
You won’t get it so let it be
Remember you saw
A no damsel in distress


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